I graduated from DHS with both your mom and dad. They were wonderful old souls and will always be remembered with love. I am so sorry that you had to lose them both at once. I can't imagine what both of you have gone through. My first experience with you mom up close and personal, really was our Junior year. Your mom was president of our class and at the end of the year were elections for the coming year. Your mom ran again, and I was nominated to run against her. Well, I won and Jane and I became immediate friends. We shared many classed our Sr. year, because our end goal was to become nurses, something unknown to each other.

Jane and I ended up roommates at Riverside and grew even closer. She was my maid of honor in my wedding in 1968. I moved to Wisconsin and we pretty much lost touch, but she will always hold a place in my heart. Once again, I am so sorry!