Craig was a classmate at both St.John's Catholic School (grades 1-8)and Defiance High School(grades 9-12). In addition Craig lived on the same street as my grandmother, (Olive Weisgerber);uncle, (Fred)aunt, Marian)and cousins(Jim,Ann,Mike, & Jack). Consequently, I felt that Craig was always part of my early life. I learned from Jane's mother that she and my mother gave birth to daughters very close to each other. Jane & I were both born in early February so I guess there was also a connection to Jane before I knew Craig. Our connection continued as we enjoyed watching our children swim as Blue Dolphins! Swim meets can last forever and the moms decided to go shopping rather than sit in the stands all day. Jane asked if I wanted to go along and I told her that I wasn't much of a shopper. I'll never forget her response..."that's unAmerican!" I still laugh about her response. Love both of them and the wonderful memories.