I will never forget one year at OSU, maybe our Sophomore year. The swimmers were known for our Halloween parties and that year was no different. The way it worked was we started at one house and continued on for about 5 more houses.
Meg's house was one of the last stops. We all walk up and there is this couple sitting on the front porch chairs dressed up as really really old people. Mask and all. We didn't know until hours into the party that indeed this was Mr. and Mrs. Hasselschwert showing up to their daughters epic Halloween party in epic proportion. When everyone found out we laughed so hard. So like them to be the life of the party...even our college party.

I also remember as a swimmer they never missed a meet. They supported Megan and our team 100% even when times were hard and we needed some adults to step in and help. They were there. They loved their children immensely and that was easy to see.

I know this is one of hundreds of stories and I pray their love for life and OSU is passed on for generations. Go Bucks!