Craig and Jane at the beach in Fort Myers

In Memory of Dr. Craig and Jane Hasselschwert

The weather was terrible, school was cancelled because of freezing rain. Jane had a early morning appointment to come get her nails done. At the time they were living on Haller Rd. I called her to see if she wanted to come later because people were cancelling, and she decided if I could make it from Sherwood, she could make it to The Corner Booth. So I waited for her to get there, and waited, and waited.

I got scared so I called Craig to see if he knew if something happened. He tracked her down, and she had slid at the stop sign on Haller and slid into a parked School bus. She finally called me and came in later, after the whole accident mess was cleared up. She had completely bit through her bottom lip with her two teeth... I said how did you manage that? She laughed so hard she could hardly tell us. She said think about what you would say if you were sliding into a school bus... Ffffffuuuccck!

I hope this isn't too inappropriate 😬. It's just so Jane!